The village of Wouldham sits in the Medway Gap and is surrounded by beautiful countryside walks if you click on this Valley of Vision link you can access more information about this.

Wouldham has the following footpaths..

MR1 runs from behind All Saints Church North around the sea wall until it reaches Borstal ..please note from the junction of MR3 heading North this part is close due to slippage of the river wall

MR2 comes off of MR1 behind Starkey Castle and goes East crossing Pilgrims way until it meets MR4

MR3 comes off of MR1 and goes up the side of what was Wouldham Army Camp till it meets with Wouldham Road

MR4 runs from the Medway boundry to the North to the top of Hill Road where it joins MR8

MR5 runs West from Wouldham High Street down Ferry Lane until it reaches the River Medway

MR6 runs from Wouldham High Street up alongside Wouldham Allotments to Pilgrims Way

MR7 runs from approxamately 100 Metres up Hill Road up to and across the centre of Wouldham Common till it meets with MR8

MR8 runs from the Junction of Pilgrims Way / Hill Road East till it meets with Common Road

MR9 runs from Wouldham High Street to Ravens Knowle running alongside the Recreation Ground

MR179 runs from Ravens Knowle North to Pilgrims Way

MR10 runs along Hall road and through a new development


Click here to have a look at Walking in Kent website, which has hundreds of FREE walks to download and print plus details of all the walking clubs in the country and loads more information.

Click here for some of the footpaths in Wouldham